About Color Blind and Tone Deaf

About Color Blind and Tone Deaf

CBATDE is all about creativity and expression.  It is not a forum for political stances or righteous interpretation of the left, right, conservative or liberal sanctions of any kind.  My motto: Believe in God, whatever you perceive God to be.  I guess my second motto would be: Savor the moment and enjoy life.  

The name Color Blind and Tone Deaf Enterprises itself comes from an inherent recessive gene from my mother's side of the family which causes me not to see colors of like shades.  I'm not really totally color blind, I just have a severe color deficiency that has kept me out of any electrical or law enforcement field. I first realized I was color blind as a sophomore at Coldspring High School.  Our Science teacher, Mr. James Boyce, a.k.a. the Mad Scientist, decided to put a bunch of colored dots that were on a white piece of cardboard in front of me and asked me what number I saw.  Me, being Mr. Intelligent, saw this as a trick question.  I promptly answered, "You can't fool me, there ain't no number in those dots."  Once he convinced me I was color blind, I finally understood all the comments about the way I dressed.  And all that time I thought I was cool.

The Tone Deaf part is relatively easy to figure out, just listen to me sing.  FAQ-"How can you write music if you are tone deaf?"  The answer: I just write what I hear.  Music is more feeling and mathematical than tonation. (says the deaf man). It's not me, I just channel what the Universe sends me. (What? Have you been smoking something?)  O.k., seriously, I really don't know how to answer that.  I just create and express and it comes out music.


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